This Committee met on Wednesday, September 23 and Tuesday, September 29.

Both times, in attendance were:

Tim Brennan, Dave Christopolis, Erica Johnson, Ron Krakowiak, Andrea Miller, Rebecca Muller, Pamela Schwartz

September 23, 2009: Having reviewed the two applicants for data analyst in advance of the meeting, the Committee agreed to combine interview planning and in-person application reviews with an interview of one applicant later in the meeting.    Following the interview, we agreed to reconvene on 9/29 to decide next steps in the hiring process and to move forward in creating an evaluation plan for the Network’s projects.

On September 29, we agreed that while the one interviewed candidate was solid, we wanted to repost the position in order to provide another opportunity for a wider applicant pool.  We agreed to post asap and provide a two-week response time (stay tuned for the blog announcement).

We moved on to laying the foundation for our evaluation plan.  Andrea Miller provided her expertise to us all in laying out the components involved in an evaluation plan (e.g., how to measure the impact; who is measuring it; and how to use it).  She provided an overview of the daunting array of programs and reporting requirements, making clear how streamlining these reporting demands is absolutely critical to every program’s success.  ICHH is working hard on this challenge, and Andrea has joined the conversations with ICHH directly to assist.

The committee will meet again when the next round of applications are due, presumably the week of 10/19/09.

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