The Republican reported sad news this week, of a man found dead outdoors in Springfield.  A later story indicated that the man, who had been homeless for years, had most recently been living in a Safe Havens house, but had left the house in the past few days.   The news noted that it appeared that the man had been drinking excessively, and then froze to death overnight outside.  (The second story also reported the death of another man, not known to the homeless community, but no less painful.) 

I’ve heard from several people who knew this man for many years, and who are deeply saddened by his death.  It’s a difficult reminder that even the best efforts to help people to safety may fail.  But I think it’s also a reminder of why many of you do the work you do…each life is important, and whatever can bring safety, hope and healing to a person living chronically on the streets is worth doing. 

Thank you to all who do this work, and condolences to those who knew this man and feel his loss.

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