Welcome to the Western Mass Regional Coordinating Network.   We are a broad coalition of people, agencies, businesses and local governments committed to ending homelessness in Western Massachusetts.

Our new blog will let us keep each other updated with progress in forming an effective network,  and also let us inform others who are interested in our work.

Our region has been awarded a $1.1 million grant from the Massachusetts Interagency Council on Housing and Homelessness to fund an 18-month pilot program using proven strategies to reduce levels of homelessness for both individuals and families.   We are in the process of finalizing our budget and negotiating the contract between the state and the Pioneer Valley Planning Project, the convening agency for the grant.

Within the next few weeks, we expect to hire a project director and create a process for distrubuting the funds locally.  The new local programs will include supportive housing for the chronically homeless and prevention and rapid rehouse strategies for families.

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