Next Meeting: November 2, 9:30-11:30, Haskell Building, DMH, Northampton

Minutes of 10/5/09
In Attendance:  Dave Modzelewski, Chris Haley, Jerry Ray, Dave Havens, Jane Banks, Chris Muldrew, Wanda Rolon, Andrea Miller, Dave Christopolis, Pamela Schwartz


Good discussion of new SAMHSA grants for ServiceNet and CHD and how they are exciting opportunities to build on the REACH model and leverage ICHH funds even further.

On status of ICHH grants:

Mental Health Association:  in process of hiring; will have staff on board within 6-8 weeks.  Target group of individuals to be served is basically ready.  Working on securing housing.

Center for Human Development:  just moved into an apartment an individual who had been homeless for 35 years.  Amazing!  Support services are continuing.  We agreed this experience would provide an excellent case study of the REACH model at work.  Working on obtaining housing in Amherst since original designs by Amherst Housing Authority fell through due to lack of federal approval to use CDBG funds to renovate a property.

Carson Center:  Started hiring process for staff. Meeting with Domas to discuss housing development and other housing opportunities for targeted individuals.

ServiceNet: has already screened 3-4 individuals who are ready for housing.  Working on the final mechanics of getting contract signed.

Brien Center:  in process of hiring staff.  Have identified 6 units of housing.

Data collection systems:

Discussion of duplication between MHSA and ICHH data collection efforts.  MHSA and ICHH are meeting on 10/7 and we all look forward to hearing about the decisions made from that meeting.

The group agreed on a 3-stage process for assessing and engaging individuals (in relation to data collection):
1.  Referral (completion of form that is submitted to REACH sub-regional group so individual is considered for services and housing)
2.  Engagement (completion of form noting engagement efforts are underway in order to ascertain whether the individual is able and willing to enter into a process leading to housing and support services)
3.  Enrollment (the decision to become a REACH client has occurred; at that point the formal ICHH assessment/release forms are completed; the mutual commitment for to substantial engagement has taken place)

The referral already exists and is currently the basis for sub-regional REACH meetings.
Dave Modzelewski agreed to facilitate the creation of an engagement form.
And the enrollment form is the ICHH/MHSA assessment tool (or the equivalent that emerges from the current discussions).

We agreed that these forms would be used for purposes of collecting data around current efforts, particularly with regard to the ICHH quarterly report due on 10/15.

Consumer Advisory Group
Due to lack of time, we agreed that this topic would be addressed at the next meeting on 11/2.  The discussion will involve how to build a consumer advisory group and engage formerly or currently homeless individuals.

Committee Chairs
Andrea Miller and Dave Modzelewski agreed to serve as co-chairs of the Committee.  Andrea will sit on the Leadership Council Steering Committee in her capacity as co-chair.  Dave will continue to generate agendas and facilitate meetings.  Thanks to them both!

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