As explained at the introductory REACH meetings in three of the four sub regions–Springfield,  Berkshires, Hampshire-Franklin and Holyoke-Chicopee-Westfield (Note: H/C/West meeting is scheduled for Feb. 18th)–we are attempting to establish two working data bases. 

The first will create a list of chronically homeless individuals by sub region.  Here is a form that is to be completed by programs that are interfacing with individual homeless men and women.  We expect that many of the individuals will be known to more that one agency.  The form allows an agency to report only basic information at this time.  This information will provide the REACH teams with definitive numbers as we move to a ‘housing first’ model across the region.

 The second form is a Housing and Service Resource form which will help inform the REACH teams about available resources.  This information together with our list of individuals will allow us to begin the ‘housing first’ process as we match housing and support services to needs of individuals.

Please take the time to complete a form for each chronically homeless individual you are working with and information on those programs run by your agency that provide housing, supportive services, or both to homeless individuals.  Until  the WM Regional Coordinating Network can bring on a data analyst, Dave Modzelewski is acting as  ‘keeper of the lists’.  Send questions and completed forms to: [email protected].

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