The Social Security Administration recently received funding to hire a significant number of employees throughout the country.  This hiring initiative offers a unique opportunity for individuals with disabilities who may want to get a job with SSA.  These jobs will be at various skill levels including a number of entry-level positions.
SSA will be holding a national teleconference on this issue specifically for Employment Networks, State Vocational Rehabilitation Staff and others who help people with disabilities go to work on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 from 1:00 to 2:30 PM EST.  This session will build upon an earlier Webinar and provide more details regarding the initiative.  A guest speaker from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will also discuss the Schedule A Hiring Authority.  Please visit to register for the teleconference.
What kinds of jobs is SSA offering?
SSA is recruiting employees to work in field offices and teleservice centers where they will assist the public by phone and in person with a wide variety of program related activities such as filing claims, applying for new or replacement Social Security cards and other types of inquiries.  SSA also is recruiting employees to work in Program Service Centers where they will process claims and to work in hearings offices in legal and paralegal positions.
Where are these jobs located?
All across the United States; for example, some are in the 1,300 local SSA field offices or SSA hearings offices, some in the 37 teleservice centers nationwide, some in SSA’s 6 program service centers and some at SSA headquarters in the Baltimore area.

How will SSA recruit?

SSA will use a variety of avenues to recruit and hire people with disabilities. In particular, the Agency is reaching out to Ticket to Work Ticket Holders who are trying to return to work, veterans with disabilities through programs such as the Wounded Warrior transitional program, and students with disabilities.  Many individuals with disabilities will qualify for consideration under a special placement authority called “Schedule A.”

How can I tell if an individual is eligible for Schedule A?

A person is Schedule A eligible if s/he has documentation establishing both a disability and “job readiness.”

Who can provide this documentation?

o     Proof of a disability can be provided by a licensed medical professional or any Federal agency, state agency, or agency of the District of Columbia or a US territory that issues or provides disability benefits.  A recent benefit status letter is acceptable from a Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income disability beneficiary.

o     Proof of job readiness can be provided by a licensed vocational rehabilitation specialist working with a State Vocational Rehabilitation agency or an Employment Network under the Ticket to Work program. 

What is the next step?

o     To register for the April 21 teleconference, please visit and select the “SSA Hiring” icon.

o     For more information and resources about this hiring opportunity, please visit

o      Please send resumes and documentation for Schedule A eligibility to [email protected]


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