On Saturday, November 7, in an article by David Abel, The Boston Globe reported:

“Boston plans to eliminate nearly 20 percent of the beds at the city’s largest homeless shelter, the first time it has made such cuts.  Cape Cod’s largest shelter expects to end its day program, meaning dozens of people are likely to spend their days wandering in the cold.  Officials at the largest provider of homeless services in Western Massachusetts intend to cut their shelter’s security detail.

The changes, fallout from the budget cuts announced last month by Governor Deval Patrick, have stirred outrage among advocates for the homeless who call them “unconscionable’’ and argue that the state’s most vulnerable population has been singled out. The $2.7 million in cuts account for less than 1 percent of the state’s $600 million budget shortfall, but advocates say the cuts will have a disproportionately deep impact on programs that operate on tight budgets…”

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