The largest daily paper in Hampshire County, the Daily Hampshire Gazette, published an editorial on Tuesday, August 31, in response to the dismantling of a small ‘tent city’ in Northampton.  In the course of setting forth the challenge and possible solutions, it acknowledged the efforts of the Western Mass. Network:

A relatively new initiative, the Western Massachusetts Network to End Homelessness, continues its effort to create more low-cost housing units. The group also works to coordinate services for the homeless and cut through the red tape that sometimes keeps people from tapping in to resources that will get them help. The homelessness network has the support of mayors and other civic leaders in the region and is partnered with key social service agencies.

Click here to read the whole editorial.  While the challenges continue to loom large, we can feel buoyed by our region’s growing recognition of the Network’s role in meeting them.   Hats off to all of us.

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