Northnode is working with DCF on a project whose goal is to bring about greater integration of services related to domestic violence and homelessness.
One very exciting part of the project involves analyzing state regulations and polices that can undercut the efforts of a survivor to obtain safe, affordable housing in the community.  
Front line providers too often come up against government regulations that undercut the efforts of domestic violence survivors to secure safe, affordable housing.  In some instances, the problem is a single agency regulation that reveals a lack of understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence.  In other cases, several regulations or policies come together to create a conflict for survivors struggling to meet multiple government requirements. 
This is a special opportunity for us to document these regulatory and policy problems and to suggest changes that remove barriers to survivors who are seeking safety and housing for themselves and their children.  The regulations and policies you identify can be those of DCF, DTA, DHCD, DMH, or any state government agency that might provide assistance to individuals who are homeless due to domestic violence.
Please click here for the attached Policy Review Invitation and send Northnode examples of problem regulations or policies to  Please, also, forward this email to any colleagues who can contribute to this effort.
With your help, we can help bring about significantly improved responses to families facing homelessness due to domestic violence.
Many thanks,
Judith Lennett, Esq.
Executive Director
Northnode, Inc.
P. O. Box 130
Roslindale, MA 02131
617-522-8755, ext. 100

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