Individual Services Meeting

Attending:  Elaine Arsenault, Wanda Rolon, Tony Pereira, Dave Modzelewski, Jerry Ray, Mark Warren, Jay Levy, Tom Poplawski, Dave Havens, Suzanne Smith, Pamela  Schwartz

3/7 Bruegger’s fundraiser:  Getting the word out!  People will put on their email lists, continue to get the word out.

4/26 regional event:

Discussion of $15 suggested donation.  Curious about mechanics – people want to make clear that it is truly “suggested.”  Also want to make clear on the invite that the donation will be used for Network efforts.

Discussion of video production re: capturing REACH.  Will follow-up with Tom P., Wanda re: capturing homeless camp and interviewing Yvonne’s house resident; will follow-up with Dave Havens re:  possible interviewees.

Data collection

Review of monthly data reporting form, clarifying terms.  Discussion of MHSA assessment forms.  Suzanne, Network data analyst, will follow-up summarizing decisions and changes.


Center for Human Development, Elaine Arsenault:  new, meeting people, trying to understand who is serving whom to avoid overlap  – talking with ServiceNet.

ServiceNet, Wanda Rolon, Tom Popalawski:  engaging with 6 chronically homeless.  4 units in Greenfield (Winslow Home) won’t be ready by Sept.  Looking for other units.

Carson Center, Tony Pereira:  meeting with Ann Lentini of Domus re: her concerns  about sustainability in Reed House Annex post Sept.  Pre-screening and engaging homeless indivs.

Mental Health Association, Jerry Ray, Dave Havens:  Shelter Plus Care/REACH – 5 people in, 6th person read to go.  Units are opening up right now.  By end of March/early April, all 11 slots will be filled.

Brien Center, Mark Warren:  1st person going into an apt today or tomorrow.  A lot of the referrals that are coming in are not appropriate, so outreach is a challenge.

Elliot CHS-Homeless Services, Jay Levy:  hearing good things from staff is saying about REACH program – seeing good progress with collaboration.

Next meeting:  Monday, April 5, 9:30 – 11:00 am, DMH Haskell Building, Northampton, following by peer supervision at 11 am, same location.

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