Minutes of Individual Services Committee Meeting, February 1, 2010

Attendance:  Jerry Ray, Mental Health Association, Dave Havens, Mental Health Association, Jay Levy, Eliot-CHS Homeless Services, Mark Warren, The Brien Center, Tony Pereira, The Carson Center, Wanda Rolon, ServiceNet,  Jane Banks, Center for Human Development, Thomas Poplawski, ServiceNet, Dave Modelewski, Dept. of Mental Health, Pamela Schwartz, Network

Workplan Benchmarks through September, 2010: Reviewed info provided thus far.  Also agreed to provide:

# enrolled
# assessed
# housed
# stabilized

Will complete what is needed by 2/3 and Pamela will collate for distribution back to committee members and to Steering Committee.

Data collection: Dave M. distributed new monthly form that would identify individuals (either with release by name or by identifier) and their housing/stabilization status.  The aim is to ensure the most thorough exchange of information that will allow for the best allocation and match-up of resources. Dave will connect with Suzanne to coordinate distribution and collection of data forms.

REACH Suppot Group:

All agreed it would be great for REACH staff to have the opportunity for to talk about their work, exchange stories, create a common language, provide case consultation and mutual supervision.  We decided to piggyback onto our regular monthly meeting (with additional participants joining):  first Monday of the month, 11 am12:30 pm. Jay Levy and Dave Havens will co-facilitate.

Meeting with Housing Developers/Housing Authorities: All agreed that it would be useful to get providers and developers/property managers in the room together, specifically to discuss the expectations of landlords around supportive services and the kinds of services providers can provide.  Dave M. is in the middle of scheduling a meeting with the Valley CDC and will be in touch about the potential to bring in others, in particular the Northampton Housing Authority.

Next meeting:  Monday, March 1, 2010, DMH Haskell Building, Northampton, MA.

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