Thanks to Tom Salter of New England Farmworkers Council for locating this report and passing it on to the rest of us.  An important discussion topic for us all.

An Opinion Brief

Boomerang Homeless Families
Aggressive Rehousing Policies in New York City

Analysis of data on recidivist or “boomerang” homeless families in New York City demonstrates that aggressive rehousing policies may be ineffective. The opinion brief examines differences between the Bloomberg Administration’s first term, characterized by relatively stable numbers of homeless families, and the second, characterized by rapidly increasing numbers of new entrants and boomerang families. Boomerang families now comprise 40% of families entering shelter and the increasing trend shows no signs of abating. The brief suggests that the aggressive rehousing policies do not work for all homeless families and therefore have destabilized the shelter system by pushing an increasing percentage of families back into shelter—at great cost to the City.
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