Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, 4/1/10

Attendance:  Jay Levy, co-chair, individual services committee;  Lynne Wallace, LC chair;  Erica Johnson, PVPC,  Peg Keller, Tri-County COC,  Joanne Glier, chair, family services committee,  Andrea Miller, co-chair, data committee, Jane Banks, chair, community engagement committee, Peter Gagliardi, HAP, Gerry McCafferty, Springfield COC,  Suzanne Smith, network data analyst, Pamela Schwartz, network coordinator

ESG process for provider support letters: criteria for support:  participating in collaborative discussions  with Network re: regional approach/strategy; embracing Housing First mission; if providing emergency shelter, doing so in context of Housing First, integrating with triage model.  Regional ESG coordination meeting taking place on Tues., 4/13, 2-3 pm at the Holyoke DTA Office.

Network budget update: Need to do amendment to DHCD re: our matching funds and where they need to go; will assume once we obtain more information from Gerry and others.  Erica reported that she calculated based on provider feedback and billing thus far and moved $187,000 into FY 11.

Leadership Council Meeting for 4/15/10, 10-12 noon, DMH Haskell Building, Northampton

Agenda:  budget update, committee reports, review ICHH quarterly report.  Will follow-up with Lynne and Father Stan with additional details.

Data report:  hiring part-time staff to build database, data entry and create systems for data analysis

Reviewed family data:  lacking exit data b/c difficult to track families in motels since they are not entered into a data system – many just leave motels.  Overall trend of families being placed in motels is moving DOWNWARD.

Reviewed individual data:  20 individuals housed thus far; on track to house promised 38 by end of grant.

Collaborations: updated on domestic violence /housing initiative – partnering with DTA/DCF and YWCA to further a pilot project in the Springfield area, bringing together housing and domestic shelter providers to more quickly transition homeless domestic violence victims into permanent housing.

Network Sustainability: Peter Gagliardi of HAP attended and shared their organization’s commitment to ensuring the continuation of the Network past September 30, 2010.  HAP is willing to step forward as fiscal agent, assuming other Network partners are willing to contribute their support.  The committee unanimously endorsed HAP’s proposal to become the network’s fiscal agent, and thanked Peter for HAP’s generous offer.We agreed this would be a central agenda item for discussion at our upcoming Leadership Council meeting on April 15, 2010.

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