Community Engagement Committee Meeting Minutes – November 7, 2011

In attendance:  Father Stan Aksamit, Our Lady of Peace Parish, David Gadaire, CareerPoint, Andrew Morehouse, Food Bank of Western Mass., Paul Robbins, Robbins & Associates, Pamela Schwartz, network coordinator

Outreach update (follow-up on targeted LC  outreach)

Judge Fields:  Continuing commitment to work on data/evaluation.  Ready to go as soon as revitalized.

Rabbi Justin David:  willing to attend 11/30 meeting to explore what he can contribute.

 Senator Downing:  Lynne obtained scheduler and staff email – will put them in loop.

Jennica Petrik-Huff: Lynne spoke with her briefly ; will speak longer.  Wants to continue with Network, use experience in housing, organizing to assist.  Would like to participate in community engagement committee.

Linda Stacy: Father Stan encouraged her to attend 11/30 meeting, asked her to check out blog.  Office/staff are small but good spirit of cooperation among agencies in Franklin County.  Open to doing presentation on what is happening in Franklin County.  Encouraged individual emails.

Amy Swisher:  does not feel it’s a good fit.  Her job may be expanding.  Would be available for ad hoc discussion on connection between hospital and homelessness, would consider putting a panel together.  Will call back one more time to see if she will attend 11/30 meeting.

Bill Messner: extremely well-informed of work, keeping up with developments.  HCC and STCC combined one of the largest workforce development programs in area.   Good avenues for follow-up.

Evan  Dobelle – exchanging messages

Tim Brennan – exchanging messages

Parking lot thought: Rep. Olver resignation.  How to maintain connections with him and staff.

Andrew Morehouse:  need to get clear on LC contribution – what are we asking them to do?

Paul Robbins:  Get info out – get people engaged with data.  Need to do event/info so LC members can feel connected to effort.

Andrew:  Come up with clear outcomes and the activities that are going to help us achieve that.  What steps do we take following that event to bolster that activity – what do we direct LC to do, e.g., calls, letter writing, meetings, etc. 

Pamela:  use jobs grant as hook to get LC involvement.  Frame their involvement around this effort.

David Gadaire:  LC options:  data, contribute to creating event, contribute to jobs development – let LC members choose – then must report back, create accountability

Father Stan:  need to focus on housing needs, sustainability.   

Andrew:  need to educate ourselves about one thing at each meeting.

Paul:  LC is conscience.  Reinforcing folks why we’re here; this is what it looks like this month; here’s what we’re doing,  – give backdrop, then on to focus.

Pamela:  stay focused on jobs. 

Dave:  need to ensure we draw out skills that LC members offer. 

Draft Agenda  for LC meeting:

Where we are in ending homelessness
Where the Network is
Presentation on jobs grant (consultants)
LC outreach/brainstorm
network committee report outs

Other outreach around jobs:  Ann Paradis of MicroTech, Chicopee – need to connect.

David Southworth, paper mill owner – need a business person to talk to other business people.

Alex Risley-Schroeder – consultant on workforce development on green energy.

Next meeting:  Monday, 12/5, 9:00 – 10:15 am, Northampton senior center

Will meet hereafter: First Monday of the month, 9 am – 10:15 am

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