Discharge Funding Opportunity Team Meeting Minutes – June 3, 2011

In attendance:  Jay Levy, Elliot Services, Jen Lucca, Samaritan Inn, Dave Modzelewski, Mental Health Association, Laura Waskiewicz, Franklin County Sheriff’s Dept., Kurt Zellen, VA Medical Center

What can we do:

Brainstorm gaps, needs, collect data, develop program

Take sample grant (one that wasn’t completed due to lack of time and need of coordination) and go through experience of completing it to discover possibilities/obstacles. 

What we need to move forward:

  • ·         The profile: who is the targeted population  – criminal justice assessment that would target high risk offenders (recidivism) alongside homelessness assessment
  • ·         Program: housing plus supports.  Defining supports:  vocational; clinical (forensic, substance abuse, mental health); case management, maximizing benefits

Next step: 

Brainstorm set of 3-5 questions to be asked by correctional facilities and shelters in order to assess risk of homelessness and risk of recidivism – building towards the development of a pilot program

Laura will brainstorm questions for correctional facilities.

Dave and Jay will brainstorm questions for shelters.

Will do email exchange of these questions among this group prior to 6/20 – plan to bring it to meeting on 6/20 for further review and discussion by larger group.


Next Discharge Planning Group Meeting:

Monday, June 20
1:30-3:00 pm
Northampton Senior Center
67 Conz Street, Northampton

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