Individual Services Committee Meeting Minutes – 1/4/11
In attendance:  Pam Bennett, Barton’s Crossing, Becky Connolly, Barton’s Crossing, Danielle DeBerry, ServiceNet, Jay Levy, Elliot CHS-Homeless Services, David Modzelewski, Mental Health Association, Pamela Schwartz, regional coordinator, Chris Zabik, Department of Mental Heatlh

Discussion of meeting location /purpose: We agreed that the committee’s flow and function has evolved into discharge planning as its focus; for that reason, we will fold individual services committee meetings into discharge planning meetings.  We will continue to take stock as we evolve but agreed the discharge planning meetings constitute the Network’s individual services committee work at this time.  We also agreed that in view of distance to Berkshires (low turn-out resulting), we will schedule Network meetings in the region’s more central locations.

Draft agenda for 2/10 Discharge Planning Meeting:

Introductions (special welcome to newcomers – corrections staff)

Updates:  hospital staff on feedback from their internal staff on discharge guidelines; report back on CSP provider REACH meeting attendance and experience

Discussion:  We realize the ultimate solution to avoiding homelessness upon discharge is the creation of viable housing alternatives.  This is a goal shared across all populations, whether coming from hospitals, detox or correctional facilities.  Dave Modzelewski will kick off a conversation about how we can work together, organize ourselves and develop a concrete agenda to increase housing.

Materials:  Distribute quick referral list (Pamela will make copies).  Dave M will follow-up on more expansive list.  Pamela will also bring discharge guidelines.

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