Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – 2/3/11

In attendance:  Father Stan Aksamit, Our Lady of Peace Parish, Jane Banks, Center for Human Development, Peg Keller, City of Northampton, Jay Levy, Eliot CHS-Homeless Services, Michael Longley, DTA, Gerry McCafferty, City of Springfield, Andrea Miller, Center for Human Development, Pamela Schwartz, network coordinator, Suzanne Smith, network data analyst, Liz Sullivan, community member, Lynne Wallace, Dietz&Co. Architects

Network Governance:

Sub-committee:  David Gadaire, Peg Keller, Charlie Knight, Andrea Miller, Suzanne Smith, Liz Sullivan, Lynne Wallace – Liz will serve as coordinator.  Pamela will email Liz email addresses for all and exchange timeline on progress.

Sub-committee will follow LC charge:  review structure in 3 categories:  leadership, management, operations.   Create job descriptions for each category, will report back at next steering committee meeting.

Andrea Miller will send our links to recent reports on effectiveness of soft subsidies.

EA Reform:

Agreed on process for determining Network position:  family services committee meets 2/8, will make recommendation to steering; steering will review recommendation via email, confirm its own to LC; Pamela will send to LC for review and email vote.  Will aim to have final recommendation by 2/15.

Reviewed MOU:  Unanimous agreement to approve, subject to minor amendments that Lynne and Sylvia will execute.  Steering Committee unanimously empowered Lynne to sign on behalf of the Network.


Need to establish what we need annually for staff – what is our goal – and what is our goal for client assistance.

Local foundations are Davis and Community Foundation.  Once exhausted, what else is there?  Look at national foundations.

We need to do development and planning.  Look for resource around fund development.

Should we consider dues? Based on size of agency? If collect dues, must become our own non-profit.  These and other matters to discuss at our next meeting:

Next meeting:  3/3, 3-5 pm, location to be determined.

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