Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, July 12, 2011

 In attendance:  Jane Banks, Center for Human Development, Dave Christopolis, Hilltown Community Development Corporation, Sylvia deHaas-Phillips, United Way of Pioneer Valley, Paul Gage, Family Life Support Center (Berkshire CoC), Peg Keller, City of Northampton (Three County CoC), Charlie Knight, community representative, Gerry McCafferty, City of Springfield, Andrea Miller, Center for Human Development, Pamela Schwartz, network coordinator, Suzanne Smith, network data analyst, Lynne Wallace, Dietz &Co. Architects
Governance Committee Update
Summary of minutes of Governance Work Group meetings up to this point will be posted on the blog.  Pamela will do so.  Will include diagram and powerpoint from previous LC meeting.
Discussion of new committee/work group structure recommendation.  Pamela raised concerns around role of director of regional coordination (DRC) re: distinctions between facilitating only committees but not work groups.  Felt the distinction is not valid as it applies on the ground where the discharge work groups are in effect the work of the individual services committee and the assumption/expectation is intensive coordinator support.
This led to a robust discussion about the importance of an individual services committee as a part of the network structure – that while discharge planning is extremely important and valuable, it cannot take the place of the broader umbrella of individual services, which includes challenges other than discharge planning alone.  There was total agreement on that fact in the group and recognition that the only real issue was the role of the DRC as it pertains to the lables of work group and committee.  It was agreed that the management team would address this issue at a later date.
Andrea raised the prospect of changing the title of the family and individual services committtee to “committee to end family/individual homelessness”, feeling that this would better express our goals.  Some concern was raised about the manageability of that – longer name, change in name after identity established – but also agreement on intention.  Agreement that this question would be brought to actual committees for further discussion.
The committee also agreed on the importance of aligning our structure with federal strategic goals as the USICHH plan to end homelessness continues to gain traction.  Our alignment could better position the Network to seize opportunities relative to the federal effort.
Question was raised regarding whether community engagement committee was duplicative of newly articulated LC role as community “engagers.”  Governance explained that the committee exists to support LC in their spheres of influences, to promote the Network within the region, plan, shepherd, etc.
Governance recommendation on network structure was unanimously approved.  Specifically, it approved committee structure of 8 – Individual Services, Family Services, Community Engagement, Resource Development, Peer Advisory, Finance, Data and Evaluation, Steering.  Also approved management team.  Will change “convenors of CoC’s” to “representatives” of CoCs.
Letter of support process:  Committee unanimously approved. Click here to review.
Committee approved jobs descriptions for Director of Regional Coordination and Data Analyst.
Fiscal report:  Sylvia made official the exciting news that UWPV has donated an additional $30K to support the DRC, allowing for DRC position to be fully funded through the fiscal year.  Thank you, UWPV!!!
Sylvia also provided a fiscal update on ICHH grant.  Click here for final invoice/update to ICHH.
Also noted UWPV’s $30K already allocated to serve Hampden County homeless and at-risk families.  Pamela will be convening Hampden County group in the next couple of weeks to plan for allocation and will report back.
On data analyst position:  acknowledged the position is entirely out of money.  Only resource remaining right now is leveraging of Three County HMIS funds.  Dave Christopolis also said he will inquire about possible Berkshire HMIS funds.  Agreement that this position is extremely important to Network functionality and that resource development efforts will focus on this piece.
Jobs Planning RFP:  Pamela discussed Fireman Foundation’s new RFP to support planning around job and education training efforts focused on homeless families.  Will convene meeting to plan response, due 8/19.
Leadership Council Meeting Planning (7/28):  Agreed tornado relief would be a major agenda item.  As well as community engagement and resource development.  Management team will meet to follow-up in more detail.  Pamela will send out reminder notice to LC and confirm quorum is available to meet.
Meeting adjourned rather abruptly at 4:30 pm, when senior center closed!

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