Thank you to all of our dedicated staff and community partners who led the amazing first day launch of HomeBASE.  We attribute this first day success to the unprecedented levels of coordination and collaboration across the state.  It was clear from all accounts that the expanded partnership among DHCD staff and the Regional HomeBASE Agencies (and their partner agencies) was a triumph that we look forward to expanding.

It is also important to thank the Department of Transitional Assistance – both their central staff and those in local offices — for their invaluable and critical support of this effort.  We are pleased to recognize Commissioner Julia Kehoe and Birgitta Damon as well as all TAO Regional Directors, Office Directors and staff.

We take tremendous pride that we experienced a very positive and hopeful first day.  We have set a great foundation to advance this important and challenging mission and we look forward to continuing this historic work in the days and months ahead.


Bob Pulster and Lizbeth Heyer

For the DHCD EA and HomeBASE Team

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