Community Engagement Meeting Minutes:  May 7, 2012

In attendance: Father Stan Aksamit, Michael DeChiara, Andrew Morehouse, Pamela Schwartz, Lynne Wallace

Leadership Council debrief:

Agreed to shift from 3 to 2 hour meeting to allow for cleaner finish.

Review of  LC discussion:

Agreed on good energy level, good facilitation to help bring people to focus. Agreed Sean Caron did a good job, very engaging; on jobs action plan discussion, good discussion but acknowledged challenge of maintaining sharp focus.

Discussed we whether we should consider more targeted meetings for LC members around topics of interest, but then agreed that the meeting load demand is already high enough.

Housing Authority Meeting debrief:

Provided update on success of meeting.  Discussed next meeting for 6/14 (although may revisit date in view of conflict with regional housing authorities).

Jobs Action Plan follow-up:

Funding opportunities:  Dave Christopolis follow-up (Lynne and I scheduled for 5/25).

Agreed that in order to maintain clear lines of decision-making and action,  follow-up belongs with Jobs Action Plan Steering Committee.  Pamela will follow-up to schedule debrief of LC discussion with them.

Noted Social Finance Bond opportunities – agreed this is an exciting direction and we should be prepared to seize the opportunity next time it strikes.

Legislative Advocacy: 

Update that our advocacy for this budget is in process (meeting with Senator Rosenberg later this morning) along with continued communication with our legislative delegation.


Agreed that we need to convert our blog into a website.  Michael generously offered his technical expertise to make that possible (using our current blog server, WordPress).  Pamela will be in touch with Michael to consult further.

Agreed the committee’s next meeting agenda should focus on review of the website and the communication plan in general.

Next possible meeting dates:  Monday, June 18, 9 am or Tuesday, June 19, 10 am.  Will survey committee and follow-up to confirm.

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