Community Consortium Meeting –  May 21, 2012

In attendance:  Brian Bickford, CHL, Steve Como, Soldier On, Tracey Greenfield, BHN, Robert Guerino, Mass Health, Jay Levy, Eliot CHS-Homeless Services,  Andrea Miller, network data analyst, Dave Modzelewski, MHA, Jennifer Moore, BHN, Leon Sawh, UMass, Pamela Schwartz, network coordinator, Julianne Siegfried, Jennifer Wuest, BHN, UMass, Heather Zaykowski, UMass, Chris Zabik, DMH

Project Updates:

CHL:  case manager hiring complete, new hire as of  6/5.  8 are housed (had been 10, 2 incarcerated).

Soldier On has screened 23 people, all eligible, 5 housed.

Mission West: new hire for case manager.  Boudoin St. pushed back to July 1.  10 housed.

New network data analyst:
Andrea Miller has begun with the network to conduct a network analysis.  Phone meeting  tomorrow  with David Smelson and Julianne to revisit and confirm expectations.

More VA housing vouchers:
Steve Como announced that the  VA is distributing 50 more HUD VASH vouchers.  The VA agreed to allow Soldier On case manage housing search for 5 more veterans.  Soldier On will be able to exceed grant requirement to house 10 veterans this year.  All agreed that housing more sooner is better (people housed this year will go towards overall 3 year goal).  Unclear if/what consequences are re: reimbursement for Soldier On.  Pamela will discuss separately with Steve and others and follow-up with group at next consortium meeting.

Demographics review  – Heather talked the group through the demographics materials.  Group thanks to Heather for the information.  Jennifer W. raised question of whether there is a correlation between the individuals’ reporting on a lessening of their mental health issues and living in a transitional housing situation.  Heather said she can look into that.

Next meeting:  Monday, 6/25, 11 am, Child Guidance Clinic, 110 Maple Street, Springfield

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