You may already be aware of this, you may already have listened. But if you have not, I am doing my part to ensure you have the chance.

The podcast 99% Invisible produced this 5 part series on homelessness, based in California but applicable right here in Massachusetts. It is well worth the listen, whether or not this is your work, but especially if it is your work. Each chapter is roughly 30 minutes long (prologue is shorter). If time is too short and you must choose, I recommend Chapter 3 and 4 since Chapter 3 reminds us of the history and concept of Housing First and Chapter 4 brings home the aspiration and challenges of the “Coordinated Entry System.”

According to Need: Prologue
Chapter 1: Tulicia
Chapter 2: The Hotline
Chapter 3: Housing First
Chapter 4: The List
Chapter 5: Housing Finally

Maybe one of these days we can have a “podcast group” by Zoom (or even better in person!) to share our thoughts and reactions. Happy listening, hopefully happy inspiration alongside the uphill battle, and above all thank you for your work.

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