Thanks to the Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance for this release:

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation released a research report in late December that confirms the effectiveness of supportive housing programs for chronically homeless individuals. The study examined Housing First programs administered by Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance and analyzed MassHealth claims data of program participants.

Key findings from the study demonstrate:

  • Individuals enrolled in permanent supportive housing programs had significantly lower per-person, per-year average health care costs
  • Individuals in the programs received significantly more mental health services but the cost was more than offset by lower utilization of inpatient and emergency department services
  • Expanding supportive housing models may produce health care cost savings and also have preventive effects of more consistent access to mental health services

The research was completed through a grant from the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation, and included collaboration with MHSA; Analysis Group, Inc.’s pro bono program; the University of Denver; and the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

 Read the full research report here. And let’s hold fast to it and USE IT in our advocacy for expansion of Housing First programs here in Western Massachusetts!

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