Please see this important message from MassHealth regarding eligibility redetermination:

Starting April 1, 2023, MassHealth will begin the eligibility redetermination process, renewing all 2.3M members over the following 12 months. This will generally be the first-time members are at risk of losing their coverage since February 2020. In preparation for this effort, MassHealth has increased staffing significantly to handle a greater volume of calls and applications, improved its systems to automatically renew as many members’ coverage as possible, and is working in close collaboration with health plans, providers, and other stakeholders. Even with this preparation, they understand that this may be difficult for members. They are looking to trusted organizations to help support outreach and information sharing with members.

Please see MassHealth’s Phase 2 Redeterminations Outreach Toolkit to help educate MassHealth members and make sure they are prepared and know how to complete their renewal. This toolkit includes key messages as well as downloadable flyers, posters, and other materials in 9 languages. The toolkit also includes specific materials for members experiencing homelessness and other populations, such as older adults and members living with disabilities. They have also released a comprehensive MassHealth Renewal Help Guide, a new resource for individuals who interact with members.

We ask that you share these materials in your offices and community spaces as well as through your own communication channels and social media to help all members receive this important information. Please visit to learn more about the redetermination process and to stay up to date on key information.

Thank you for your continued partnership in supporting people experiencing homelessness across the Commonwealth.

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