As part of our racial equity work, please connect to this initiative by the MA Department of Public Health to ensure maximum input from communities of color.

Learn about what the Community Impact survey is and how it can help:

Wed., 9/9, 1 pm: Register here.
Thursday, 9/10, 1 pm. Register here.

More Information from the MA Department of Public Health:

Description: Communities of color and other marginalized groups have historically been underserved, thereby suffering health consequences of systemic racism, and experiencing disproportionate impacts related to COVID-19. MA-DPH is committed to better serving these communities by learning about their experiences directly through this survey. The survey is intended for anyone over the age of 14 living in Massachusetts with emphasis on reaching those populations who may be disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 such as people of color and other marginalized populations such as older adults.

Audience for webinar: Any community organization or community member interested in learning more about the survey, how it can be useful to them and how they can help engage their communities around taking the survey.

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