The Massachusetts Public Health Association is convening its annual meeting on November 16. Here’s a summary below. It will be a powerful morning. Join if you can!

From MPHA:

Inequity is rooted in the imbalance of power – who has power and who is able to use that power. Knowing that, how can we build community power in order to address these imbalances and create a more equitable society? How can that work translate into achieving greater health equity? This will be the focus of discussion at MPHA’s virtual Annual Conference & Meeting on November 16 from 10 AM to 1 PM.

First, we will hear from our keynote speaker, Praxis Project Executive Director Xavier Morales, who will walk us through the new Social Determinants of Public Health Framework developed by the Praxis Project, and their approach to community power building as a strategy for achieving health equity. 

Following his presentation, we will have a panel discussion with organizations doing power building work on the ground, including Human Impact Partners, a national leader in this area. Project Director Megan Gaydos will share insights and lessons learned from their Power-Building Partnerships for Health initiative.

Register here.

Tickets are $20 for individuals and $5 for students. Questions? Contact Veronica Cañas at or 857-930-4369.

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