In attendance: Father Stan Aksamit, Jane Banks, Joanne Glier, Erica Johnson, Peg Keller, Mike Longley, Andrea Miller, Pamela Schwartz, Suzanne Smith, Lynne Wallace

Leadership Council membership:

  • Agreed to invite Bill Miller, executive director, Friends of the Homeless
  • Agreed to invite Gina Selin, a consumer referred from the Recovery Learning Community – we will address lack of computer through communication via Learning Community and will accommodate transportation needs.  All agreed her presence on the LC would be a meaningful contribution.
  • Restated earlier agreement (made via email) to invite to join the Steering Committee, Sylvia deHaas-Phillips,  vice president, United Way of Pioneer Valley

End of Pilot Project accounting:

Erica Johnson presented a budget update and explained the communication and processing with ICHH regarding reconciliation of bills between Fiscal Years 2010 and 2011 and our remaining funds as of 10/1 when the pilot period ends (with the presumed exception of our narrow contract extension).   Committee members had a lengthy discussion to gain further understanding, and the good news from Erica is that all questions are nearly resolved.  Lynne Wallace will follow-up with Erica to review and discuss in more detail and will report back to the steering committee.

Fundraising: We agreed to continue via email the discussion of Network fundraising efforts, following-up on our to-do lists from earlier meetings.

Our next meeting will focus on both fundraising and workplan development for the new fiscal year.

Next meeting:  Thursday, October 7, 3-5 pm, DMH Haskell Building, Northampton.

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