Community Engagement Committee Meeting Minutes
September 10, 2012

 In attendance:  Michael DeChiara, United Way of Pioneer Valley, David Gadaire, Career Point, Andrea Miller, data analyst, Pamela Schwartz, network coordinator.

Reviewed website migration proposal.

Migration and Page Theme costs are both one time costs.  A good deal with the promise of excellent results.

Dave Gadaire moved:  to recommend to Steering Committee for approval first time cost of not more than $500 and ongoing cost of $200 annually.
Andrea seconded.
All in favor.


Will revise and update summary one-pager for Steering Committee.


Rationale:  well-functioning website is core to Network’s mission to keep stakeholders connected and to provide repository of information.


Ongoing maintenance:  need to spell out volunteer vs. funded time.  Michael offers his time as contribution on LC (as part of UWPV).  Andrea is increasingly able to leverage various funding sources for respective projects (e.g., HMIS funding is appropriate for “CoC corner” on website), but the reality is that technical maintenance is also required.  Going forward, we can build this support into fundraising efforts.


Need to build this piece into the budget on a permanent basis.  Two tracks for maintenance: (1) technical management of the tool (cleaning up users/email list, functionality) and (2)  content management.


Estimated cost:  1/hour month at $65/hour = $780/year.

Committee agreed we needed to add this to the proposal.

Dave G moved a recommendation to the Steering Committee to add up to $800 for website maintenance for a total of $1,000 budget line-item for website.  Andrea seconded.

All in favor.

Leadership Pioneer Valley – Project Opportunity

Through PVPC – an opportunity for the Network to provide a project for a team of leaders to work on. Andrea proposed the idea of obtaining technical assistance on our strategic planning effort.  We have several goals: to align our plan with the federal strategic plan, to align with the CoC strategic plan and planning process, to address sustainability.  We could consider enlisting Leadership group to look at sustainability, e.g., poll constituents on membership fees; involve business community.

Committee agreed this was an excellent idea.  She will bring these thoughts to the next Steering Committee meeting.

Next meeting date:

Community Engagement, 10/1, 9 am, Northampton Senior Center.

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