Work Group to House People with Sex Offense Histories
October 22, 2013

In attendance: Carl Cignoni, Hampshire Sheriff’s Office and DOC Re-entry Service, Joe Critelli, Hampden County Sheriff’s Department, Laurie Guidry, Ph.D., MATSA, Ellie Harris, ServiceNet, Richard Hendrick, therapist, Madeline Johnson, Hampden County Sheriff’s Department/AISS, Sgt. Anne McMahon, Northampton Police Department, Wanda Rolon, ServiceNet, Pamela Schwartz, Network coordinator, Bill Winslow, SMOC

Housing outreach update (for meetings re: discussion of housing policy re: sex offenders):

HAPHousing:  Exchanging messages with Faith Williams, HAP property manager director.  Will keep pursuing!

SMOC:   Richard Hendricks working with Becca Small, SMOC, for a particular individual to get housed.  Offense was 20 years ago.  Early 50’s, suffering from 2 different cancers.  Hopeful this will work.  On a more systematic basis, Pamela still waiting to connect with SMOC administrators (Note:  post meeting, I connected with Allison Maynard of SMOC who is trying to facilitate a meeting for us with housing directors in Framingham – will keep  all posted as soon as I hear more).

Valley CDC:  waiting to hear back from board after their board meeting where they will discuss their readiness to meet with us.  Pamela will follow-up with Joanne.

Update on State Commission on Sex Offender Recidivism:   Laurie Guidry has been nominated to serve on Commission (which among other things will review leveling process – very promising for statewide reform on this issue).  Now at stage of “background criminal check” – a good sign!  Will keep us posted.

Other discussion:

Richard Hendrick working with people with sex offense histories as therapist and housing support; working regularly with Friends of the Homeless and ServiceNet, as well as Rosa in Springfield.

Rosa has been experiencing some challenges with some tenants who are without sufficient support services (probation/parole).  Underscores critical need for this support.  Discussed the need to enlist the “Circles of Support” model which relies on community based support for those who are not on probation.  MATSA/MASOC’s Spring conference (Laurie will keep us posted on dates/offerings) will offer trainings on this model.

Carl Cignoni:  monthly round table that meets to address housing needs of offenders.  Last month, of 22 men, 8 had sex offense histories, but the number went down this month so presumably it was an unusual month in terms of this statistic.

Next meeting:  Tuesday, 12/3, 1-2:15, check Northampton senior center

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