In attendance: Shannon Barry/Springfield Public Schools, Sarah Kline/North Adams Public Schools, Jean Rogers/CHD, Lisa Goldsmith/DIAL/SELF, Lizzy Ortiz/ City of Springfield, Karen Tracanna/DYS

General Updates 

Sarah stated that North Adams is opening their Section 8 list today, but only for today. Sarah stated their homeless student numbers went down slightly (by about 4) this year and that the number is around 80 for just N. Adams.

Special Commission-Lisa stated that she reached out to Liz Rogers/ICHH and Kelly Turley/MA Coalition for the Homeless about the Youth Count and was told that they will be presenting the data at the Special Commission meeting next week. Lisa stated that the Commission will be completing a report this summer, which will be specifically focused on the Youth Count.

Youth Count-Lizzy asked if there will be another count and Lisa stated that there will be because funding was passed in the budget to support this (more on this below). The group discussed whether we should start planning for the count now, particularly around how to include counting youth in schools. Lisa stated that she will continue to ask how we can advocate to have youth in schools included in the count at the Special Commission meeting.

LGBT Housing First Program Data-Lisa shared data related to the program. See attached Data Report. This does not reflect the current number of youth that DIAL/SELF is housing, which is now 5.

Legislative Updates

Budget-Lisa stated that $150,000 was passed to support another count and data analysis, but it is not sufficient to support demonstration projects. Lisa stated that the Home and Healthy for Good Program was funded at $1.8 million and the LGBTQ young adult pilot language with the earmark of at least $200,000 was included.

H.135-Lisa stated that the bill to provide funding for housing and services is in House Ways and Means and the hope is to advocate with legislators to have it sent to Senate Ways and Means by the end of July, so that the bill won’t die.

Plan for Next Meeting

September 10 at 10:00 following the School-Liaison Meeting. The location to be determined-Shannon is working on this. Lizzy suggested having a party for Shannon in honor of her upcoming birth!

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