Great news!  The Conference Committee Budget includes funding for the Western Massachusetts Network to End Homelessness.  This investment will allow the Network to produce a regional blueprint for implementing the federal “Opening Doors Plan to End Homelessness” with outcomes measures, analysis and evaluation, ensuring we continue to implement best practices and regional (if not statewide) innovation.

Our last step is gaining the support of the Governor’s office.  Please contact the Governor to express your support for Line Item 7004-0102, which includes $125,000 in funding for the Network.

The Governor’s Office contact information can be found here (this page provides an email form to send to the Governor’s office an email).

His phone numbers are:
617-725-4005 or

Thanks to all for your continued support and for making this big step forward possible.  And huge thanks to all of our Western Mass. legislators, especially Rep. Peter Kocot and Senator Stan Rosenberg, for their extraordinary support of the Network.


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