On May 28, Pamela Schwartz, on behalf of the Network’s Work Group to House People with Sex Offense Histories, presented before the statewide Special Commission to Reduce Sex Offender Recidivism.  It was a fantastic opportunity to bring the Work Group’s efforts to the forefront, providing our cumulative insight and inspiration to the 40 leaders in the room committed to statewide reform of policies impacting sex offenders.  Read more on the Commission here.  Read the Network’s powerpoint presentation to the Commission here.

We are especially grateful to Dr. Laurie Guidry, President of the MA Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers and a Commission member, who has provided pro bono guidance for our efforts since our work group formed in 2011.  We are also grateful to Larni Levy, attorney for Committee for Public Counsel Services, who welcomed us as a featured presenter on the “collateral consequences” of treatment of sex offenders.

We captured the data and our experience to advocate for evidence-based reform of the state leveling system.  We made it compellingly clear that denying housing to sex offenders only undermines our community’s public safety goals and our desire for offenders to positively re-integrate into the community.

We clearly established our Work Group as a resource that can provide innovative support in this reform effort.  We look forward to continuing to partner with the Commission in the work that lies ahead.

Congratulations to all involved that brought us to this day.  It is a slow road to change on this complex and difficult issue, and we can take pride in offering our leadership to make it happen.

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