Veterans Committee
April 28, 2017

In attendance: Steve Connor, Veterans Services, Melissa Mateus, Springfield Partners, Sue Moorman, VA, Digno Ortiz, Friends of the Homeless, Pamela Schwartz, Network, Stephanie Tonelli, Friends of the Homeless 

Hampden County update: Springfield Partners hosted its Wellness to Work event earlier this week.  It was very successful, with a turn-out of 60-70 veterans, mostly from the Springfield area.  A great range of resources were available. We discussed using the Network’s veterans committee email list to spread the word on these types of events to ensure maximum awareness.

Stephanie noted the high number of homeless individuals needing a mass ID or birth certificate and not having any funds to pay for them.  We agreed I would bring this question to the individual services committee to learn more about any resources to pay for these items.

Three County Point in Time Data Review:  Please on Annual Point in Time Count to see the summary data along with visuals.  We reviewed veterans data, which reflected current knowledge and assumptions.  Steve noted that with the new Veterans NOFA pending, the breakdown of the GPD beds will be dramatically changing and it is still unclear how that will impact the Point in Time count in the future (i.e., what will be considered transitional vs. permanent housing beds).  Funding decisions will likely be released in August.

Holyoke Soldiers Home: Steve noted a recent study about the Holyoke and Chelsea Veterans Homes.  We discussed the lack of connection/relationship between the Holyoke Veterans Home and the Network and all agreed it would be useful to gain a better understanding and explore greater collaboration.  Steve will send a link to the report to us and follow-up around best contacts for planning a meeting.

Family Homelessness Resource Fair: We discussed the upcoming Family Homelessness Resource Fair on June 8, 9 am – 12 noon, Holyoke Community College Kittredge Center and the presence of veterans services providers.  All have committed to participating and also to planning a 15-20 minute break-out group that focuses on veterans services and homeless families.  Pamela will put everyone on the same email with Hillary Cronin of the VA who has volunteered to be the point person (she attends the family services meetings) and will include: Beth Barbra, Steve Connor, Melissa Mateus, Katherine Person, Sarah Polidore and Sabrina Willard.

Next meeting date:
Friday, May 26
9:15 am – 10:30 am
Mental Health Association
995 Worthington Street, Springfield

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