The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority is holding public hearings regarding proposed elimination of certain bus routes.  Click here for the flyer on the scheduled hearing dates and times (produced by ARISE for Social Justice) and here for the list of Advisory Board members to contact.  Thanks to ARISE for their great organizing work!
Please review the schedule and consider where attendance is possible and spread the word through your own networks.  This is an important opportunity to bring to officials’ attention the inter-relationship between homelessness and public transportation access. 
This potential reduction in service is due to the threat of state budget cuts.  While the revenue picture remains unclear, we can be clear about the consequences of finding savings in this area.
I apologize for the late notice regarding the hearings that have already happened or are on deck for the next couple of days.  But it’s not too late!  Pick any hearing you can do on any of the upcoming days and bring your advocacy to it!

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