From Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance:

The Massachusetts Senate passed a $41.49 billion FY19 Budget after adding $75.5 million through amendments. Among the amendments that were adopted were:

  • An increase to the Homeless Individuals Assistance line item (7004-0102), bringing it to $48,180,000.
  • An increase to the Tenancy Preservation Program line item (7004-3045), bringing it to $1,300,000 (up from $750,000 in House Budget and $500,000 in FY18).
  • An adjustment to RAFT language (7004-9316) to clarify that “not less than $3,000,000 shall be expended to provide assistance to households of all sizes and configurations including, but not limited to, elders, persons with disabilities and unaccompanied youths.” The Senate Ways & Means Budget had used language saying “not more than.”
  • Earmarks for several programs serving homeless individuals in the DHCD administrative line item (7004-0099).

Please click here for a summary of Amendment outcomes.

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