In an article in the Commonwealth Magazine yesterday, it was reported that “[Governor] Baker also said he is not inclined to once again extend the state’s eviction and foreclosure moratorium, which is due to expire on October 17.”

This is a big wake-up call to all of us working to prevent and end homelessness as the courts predict anywhere from 20,000 to 60,000 eviction filings upon the lifting of the moratorium, and we know based on the data that people of color will bear the disproportionate brunt of these evictions.

In the words of one legal services attorney today:
“Just to hear the panic and rage in our client’s voices when they call for help, since they heard the news about the moratorium probably being lifted.  People who have serious health conditions, are out of work, have no money to pay rent at a new apartment and a new landlord won’t accept them with no job and nor a prospect of a job.   People desperately need a real solution.”

We must turn to the State Legislature for those solutions since two of them are before the Legislature now: the Act to Guarantee Housing Stability and the Right to Counsel in Evictions. We are grateful to many in our Western MA delegation for their support of these proposals and we need to push together to create the political will to make these laws happen. You can start now by going to this action alert and contact your legislators (even those who support need to hear from us). And we’ll be in touch with next steps. Thank you!

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