The State House of Representatives begins its debate tomorrow on the House Ways and Means Committee’s proposed FY21 budget. The Network is urging support of the following priority budget amendments:

  • Amendment #595 on improving the Residential Assistance for Families in Transition program (RAFT), a cornerstone of the state’s response to the eviction crisis, sponsored by Representative Honan
  • Amendment #585 (Rep. Hendricks) or Amendment 763 (Rep. Connolly) on promoting housing stability during the COVID-19 emergency and recovery
  • Amendment #350, on extending HomeBASE benefits for families timing out of the program facing a return to homelessness and improving data collection, sponsored by Representatives Ferrante, Barber, and Vargas
  • Amendment #677, on decoupling HomeBASE benefits from RAFT for families impacted by COVID-19 so receiving HomeBASE (for diversion from homelessness or rehousing) does not preclude them from receiving RAFT (to retain their housing).
  • Amendment #667, on increasing access to Mass IDs for people experiencing homelessness by eliminating the $25 fee and decreasing the verification burden, sponsored by Representatives Khan and O’Day
  • Amendment #194 – will guarantee RTAs $90.5 million in base funds to sustain safe and reliable service throughout FY21, sponsored by Rep. Strauss and Peake

Find your Representative here and call or email ASAP urging their support of these Amendments.

Your voice counts!

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