Good news! The Real Estate Transfer Bill for more affordable housing – lead sponsor our own Senator Jo Comerford! – is coming up for a hearing this coming Tuesday, October 26 at 10 am.

To sign up to testify, please fill out this form by 5 p.m. on Friday, October 22. To submit written testimony, please email it to Luke O’Roark at [email protected].

Written testimony should be addressed to Sen. Chair Keenan and Vice Chair Jelen and House Chair Arciero, Vice Chair Rogers, and urge them to favorably report out H.1377 and S.868  “An Act empowering cities and towns to impose a fee on certain real estate transactions to support affordable housing.”

MATERIALS: Both the House and Senate bills are linked above. In addition, here is a fact sheet you can share and reference. Be sure to copy your own legislators when you email your testimony – you can find their contact information here.

Talking Points for Hearing Testimony: (and see fact sheet)

  • Cities and towns throughout the Commonwealth are facing a housing affordability crisis and desperately need funds to develop affordable housing to prevent the displacement of their residents.
  • This enabling legislation will empower those communities that choose to do so to place a small fee of .5% to 2% on higher-end real estate transactions to fund affordable housing. This legislation is intentionally adaptable  so that different municipalities can enact the type of transfer fee that works for their community. 
  • Even with more accommodating zoning regulations and the forthcoming American Rescue Plan Act funds expected to be allocated for housing, additional and reliable funding sources are desperately needed, and transfer fee revenue will permit the subsidies required to construct truly affordable housing. 
  • ALSO-It is always impactful to include personal context for why you are advocating for this legislation, and what these funds would mean for you in your work/life. 

This bill is a critical vehicle to address the affordable housing crisis across our region and state. Let’s be heard!

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