The Network is joining with the Homes for All Massachusetts Coalition in its push for Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA). It’s part of the Economic Development bill that appeared in the action alert late last week – we want to urge the Governor to pass it all – eviction record sealing, zoning reform, housing tax credits and TOPA.

The real estate industry is fighting against TOPA, and we need all of our voices to get this over the finish line. This will either become law or get rejected this week, so please take action ASAP today.

What is TOPA?

TOPA allows tenants (or a group they designate like a non-profit) to match an offer to purchase a property. This would allow developers that are more community-oriented to work with tenants to keep them in their housing! This could mean stabilized affordable housing instead of “investors” buying buildings then clearing them out to raise rents. The law would give cities/towns the OPTION to implement this policy. More details here.

Help win the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act

1. Call or email Governor Baker’s Office of Community Affairs: 617-725-4005 or [email protected] . You can click this link to create an email with a subject and one-line message to start you off. Or use this comment form on the Governor’s web site.

2. Sample message: “Please sign the Economic Development bill as is, keeping the tenant opportunity to purchase, along with the other critical eviction record sealing and affordable housing provisions.”

Call or email now!

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