DHCD revised its RAFT eligibility guidelines to make RAFT more accessible in light of the extraordinary demand on this resource during these times. A one page summary is available here (and below) and the Powerpoint Presentation provides additional detail.

Key policy changes include:

  1. Maximum benefit level increased. The new maximum benefit limit is $10,000 for all types of RAFT and housing crisis options. There is no longer a combined benefit limit between RAFT and HomeBASE.
  2. Sustainability requirements no longer in effect. No more “6 month rule” and no more “presumption of future sustainability.
  3. Automatic Income eligibility. Income limits are 50% area median income (AMI), bumped to 60% if affected by domestic violence DTA/MassHealth recipients are automatically income-eligible. Non-DTA/MassHealth households must verify income.

Please go to the summary and/or the Powerpoint for additional information.

Bottom line: if tenants were previously denied, they should reapply! These rule changes may make them eligible for rental assistance.

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