This is a second post on this effort since the deadline is tomorrow, Jan. 15, and your organization can still join the Network and over 1,500 other organizations and elected officials from across the country in signing this letter to President-Elect Biden to extend, improve and enforce the federal eviction moratorium through the pandemic.

Though the CDC-issued moratorium was extended through the end of January by the recent coronavirus relief package, on February 1 tens of millions of low-income renters will be at risk of losing their homes and, with them, their ability to keep themselves and their families safe and healthy. The consequences would be devastating – for children and families, for communities, and for our country’s ability to contain the surging pandemic.

We are also urging the Biden administration to strengthen the moratorium by closing loopholes and making it easier for renters to be protected, and to enforce the criminal penalties against landlords who violate the moratorium.

We encourage all local, state, and national organizations and elected officials to sign onto and share the letter widely before the deadline on January 15! Sign here!

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