We have an important opportunity to act together to prevent more homelessness! This organizational sign-on letter asks the Legislature to restore access to the RAFT program. Recently instituted policy changes now require a Notice to Quit for a tenant to be eligible for rental assistance, which means fewer tenants are getting the eviction protection they need. See more details below and you can also find all the information in the letter itself here.

Restoring upstream access to RAFT is a homelessness prevention issue, housing justice issue, racial justice issue, and the right thing to do.

This letter will be sent to the Massachusetts Legislature, with copies to key members of the Baker Administration. The letter asks the Legislature to take swift action to eliminate the notice to quit requirement and to ensure that we provide needed housing stability resources to families and individuals earlier in their housing crises.

Please sign on your organization ASAP! Also please spread the word by copying and sharing this link: https://tinyurl.com/raft-ntq  And please stay tuned for a similar sign-on opportunity for individuals.

Special thanks to the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute and CHAPA for making this action possible.

Additional background:
The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), which administers RAFT, implemented a new policy effective August 1, 2022 that requires families and individuals seeking RAFT assistance for overdue rent to first provide a “notice to quit” (NTQ) from their landlord in order to be eligible. The NTQ is not simply a letter, but rather the first legal step a landlord must take to evict their tenant. Requiring notices to quit for RAFT applications is preventing qualified households from accessing needed benefits, leading to preventable evictions and forcing households further behind in rent, putting them at greater risk of homelessness. 

Please sign on HERE! Let’s get Western Massachusetts heard!

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