The Western Massachusetts to End Homelessness is proud to endorse a YES VOTE on two of the ballot questions that will appear on the November 8 ballot:

Question 1: The Fair Share Amendment, which would create a 4% tax on the portion of a person’s annual income over $1 million and require – in the state constitution – that the funds be spent only on transportation and public education, two critical contributors to housing stability. The Network urges a YES vote on Question 1.

Question 4: Preserving the Work and Family Mobility Act, just passed by the Legislature earlier this year, which ensures that all qualified state residents, regardless of immigration status, can apply for a standard MA driver’s license.  This law serves both public safety – safer roads – and housing stability so that immigrants can get to work, child care, school and medical appointments.  A YES vote on Question 4 will stop the attempt to repeal this law.  

Please come to learn more about these ballot questions, how to register to vote (it’s possible until October 29!) and how we can come together to make a difference on:

Friday, October 14
10 am – 11 am
Register HERE

Check out the flyer here and please spread the word to all our Network partners and the people we serve. Hope to see you there!

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