Our last “quick action” of the week! And it’s such an important one!

The clock is ticking on finalizing the FY23 State Budget. Right now, the proposed budget is in Conference Committee where the differences between the House and Senate budgets are being negotiated.

Here’s the good news: the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless has done the work for us of laying out those differences and making clear to the Conference Committee the necessary choices. Building on their work, here’s what we can do:

Action Steps:

  1. Copy and paste these email addresses of Senate and House Ways and Means Committee Chairs and Senate President and House Speaker in the “to” box:


  2. Copy and paste your own state rep and senator’s email addresses in the “cc” box – find them HERE.
  3. Copy this email (and/or adapt) in the body of the email:

    Dear House and Senate Conference Committee Members, Senate President and House Speaker:

    I am writing [on behalf of your organization or yourself] to ask you to adopt provisions in the House and Senate budget that will best serve people experiencing homelessness and housing instability across the Commonwealth in general and the Western Massachusetts region in particular.

    We are joining with the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless in their recommendations that address family, individual and youth homelessness. Please see their letter to the Committee HERE that provides an excellent summary of the key differences and the basis for our recommended outcomes. From RAFT to HomeBASE to MRVP to individual and youth homelessness, we deeply appreciate the opportunity before you to make the choices that will keep people safely housed and help people get rehoused quickly.

    Thank you for considering these recommendations on behalf of our most vulnerable residents.

    [your name/org]

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