The MA Joint Committee on Housing announced that it will hold its legislative hearing on the Housing Bond Bill (the “Affordable Homes Act”) on Thursday, Jan. 18 at 11 am in Gardner Auditorium, MA State House, Boston.

This hearing is an extremely important opportunity to ORGANIZE and SHOW UP IN FORCE to demonstrate our region’s urgency for the Legislature to address the extreme affordable housing crisis facing our communities.  If you can’t make it in person, virtual testimony is also an option.

Check out the Housing Committee details here and you can register here to testify – in person or virtually – by Monday, Jan. 15 at 5 pm. 

If you can take the trip to Boston, please contact Pamela at  If we have enough of us, we’ll think about a bus.  If we have a few car loads, we’ll go by car.  One way or the other, we can fill this auditorium with western MA – and have a fun time while we’re doing it – so let’s do it!

I’ll be in touch with more information, including sample testimony to capture Network priorities (if you can’t make it in person or virtually, written testimony absolutely matters).  You can also check out the  Western MA Housing Coalition’s recommendations regarding amendments to the Housing Bond Bill to make it as responsive as possible to western Massachusetts’ housing needs. 

Finally, we are grateful to our western MA legislators who are organizing to bring our region’s needs to the Committee Chairs to ensure western MA gets what it needs.

Together, we can be heard.  Let’s do this!

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