Three County CoC 2018 Point in Time Count Data Available

Please click  here for the first installment of Three County Point in Time Count Data for 2018, produced by Andrea Miller, the 3 County HMIS Director.

Published in Data on April 5, 2018.

National call for assistance: give your input about usability of your HMIS

The Durham North Carolina Continuum of Care has distributed a survey for CoC agencies across the country to provide information about the usability of their HMIS. The Durham CoC is collecting this data for use in assessing its own HMIS, but will also make the data available to any CoC who requests it. Data collected from this […]

Published in Data on September 30, 2016.

Western MA Seasonal Shelter Report

The 3 County CoC has prepared its 1st Annual Seasonal Shelter Report! The report includes information about the number of guests by location and region, the number of guests who could be categorized as priority populations, the demographics of guests, and the reasons why folks had to enter shelter. Let us know if have comments […]

Published in 3 County CoC, Continuum of Care, Data on August 2, 2016.

Point in Time Count 5 Year Trends for the 3 County CoC

The 3 County CoC has created an interactive viz that examines 5-year trends in our Point in Time Counts. We were especially interested in finding out what drives year-by-year changes. Take a look! Interested? Local data is posted regularly to our Wiki.

Published in 3 County CoC, Continuum of Care, Data on March 2, 2016.

2016 Point In Time Count

The annual Point-in-Time Count of persons who are homeless will occur throughout the region on Wednesday, January 27th, 2016. Guidance, tips, and forms have been posted by our CoCs at the PIT 2016 page. This year’s Count will use the new definition of chronic homelessness just published in the Chronic Homeless Final Rule. For more […]

Published in Continuum of Care, Data on January 11, 2016.

Local Ties and the Point in Time Count

Where were people living on the night of the 2015 Point in Time Count? Where did they live prior to entering shelter? The 3 County CoC has prepared hyperlocal reports and an interactive viz that takes a look at both. Plus, both Western MA CoCs have updated their Point in Time Count reports and their […]

Published in 3 County CoC, Data, Hampden County CoC on June 16, 2015.

Data Analysis: Hampden County CoC – Recurrence of Homelessness

Andrea Miller has recently completed analysis of recurrence of homelessness for all people entered into the Hampden County CoC HMIS for FY11 to FY13.  See the slides below for Andrea’s findings. HUD is now requiring CoC’s to track this data, and we welcome the opportunity to use this data to make sure that, once a […]

Regional Point In Time Count Data for 2014

A first look at our regional Point In Time Count data reveals that: – Street homelessness among individuals continued to decline. – Homelessness among sheltered individuals remained relatively stable. – Family homelessness increased; almost 60% of homeless families in Western MA were staying in DHCD-funded hotels/motels.   Download the Regional PIT Preliminary Report for an […]

Published in 3 County CoC, Data, Hampden County CoC on February 27, 2014.