Email from Pamela Schwartz, our Director of Regional Coordination:

Hello all:

Erica Johnson and I attended a meeting of the regional coordinators and conveners today in Boston at which ICHH provided the attached documents, including: the Draft ICHH Assessment form and Draft ICHH Follow up interview tool, as well as the EDSP Self-Sufficiency Matrix (note: the ICHH has provided the matrix in Excel, but the blog does not seem able to link Excel spreadsheets).

I have been asked to submit your feedback on these tools by the end of the day on Monday, 8/17 (one week!).  According to Laila Bernstein, the ICHH coordinator: “After these tools are finalized, DHCD IT department will build them into a web-enabled data base system to be operational by September as our interim data strategy to capture assessment and outcome data for ICHH innovations.”

So please let me know your thoughts by the end of this week, so I can compile them and report back on Monday. 


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