The Family Services Committee decided to have meetings of ICHH-funded providers by county.  The Hampden Couty providers (NAP, NEFWC and VOC) met Wednesday.  Here are summary conclusions from the meeting:

  • The issue of supporting DHCD staff in the agency office will be deferred until HPRP funds are allocated since those funding decisions will determine the provider staff resources available to move forward with this piece of the effort.
  • There is currently excellent collaboration among the 3 groups in cross-referrals.
  • The greatest need to enhance collaboration is the ability to exchange information on consumers so that there is both maximum use of resources and minimum duplication (i.e., consumers going to different providers for the same benefits twice).
  • The highest priority for success with ICHH funds is to establish a uniform assessment form, uniform requirements around documentation and a release of information form that applies across providers and state agencies.
  • Even with a universal release form, there is concern that its legal time limit of 6 months (per Tom Salter’s understanding) will create a barrier to continued service to consumers.  There is also concern about if/when health issues are relevant and the possible barriers that HIPA requirements will pose.

Pamela will bring the process/protocol issues to the statewide regional network meeting.  The group agreed to take stock of next steps following our next family providers sub-committee meeting on 9/8.

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