From Homes for Families:

Dear HFF supporter –

Soon, leadership in the MA House of Representatives will release their version of a welfare reform bill. Once released, members of the House will have the opportunity to offer amendments to make changes to the bill. Since we are currently uncertain what the proposed version of the bill will look like, we anticipate several legislators offering amendments that we may either choose to support or to oppose, depending on what each individual amendment would do to the bill.

In advance of the bill being released, we are asking that you make a phone call now to your state representative and share your thoughts and ideas on welfare reform and what is important to you, your family, the families you serve and your community. Please take a moment to remind your representative how critical these programs are to the children and the families that we serve.

Ask that your representative work to strengthen our Commonwealth’s capacity to move more children and families out of poverty by investing in education, training, help with transportation, childcare and/or whatever programs you know will positively impact the lives of poor families and your community.  Encourage your representative to approach welfare reform responsibly and avoid both creating more stigma on poor families and the setting up of more roadblocks for families accessing programs.

We will keep you posted as things progress and will likely ask for your advocacy again in the coming weeks as the bill is revealed and the amendment process begins. Please understand the importance of making this call and weighing in on this issue. One call, one moment – potentially a lifetime of difference for thousands of children. It is really that simple. Thank you!

If you are uncertain how to contact your state representative, click here. And if you have another moment to spare, reply to this email and let us know who you contacted and how your message was received.

If you have any questions or concerns, email Diane at[email protected]

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