05.20.09 ICHHYesterday the ICHH held its first meeting with representatives from all the regional networks.  Lynne Wallace, Charlie Knight, Andrea Miller and Gerry McCafferty attended for the Western Mass Network.  The topic for the meeting was process evaluation of the work of the networks; see here for a Power Point of the items talked about. 

In brief, there will be evaluation of each of the networks in three areas: outcomes, innovations, and network.  Outcomes will be evaluated using HMIS data and the evaluation framework currently in use with MHSA’s Home & Healthy for Good program; this evaluation will be done by the the region itself and the ICHH in consultation with, and technical assistance from, Dennis Culhane, One Family, and MHSA.  The evaluation of innovations will consist of looking at innovations across regions to determine effective innovations and best practices; this evaluation will be done by One Family and MHSA.

Network evaluation will look at the structure of the networks established and what impact the network has on the effectiveness of the innovations.  The Innovation Networks for Communities will undertake this evaluation, looking at each of the networks at baseline, 9 months, and 18 months.

Each Network will develop an evaluation plan which includes these three evaluation components.  In order to support this work, each Network will be provided with a $25,000 grant.  These funds, provided by the Fireman Foundation, can support data collection, participation in site visits, and participation in peer learning opportunities.

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